Sheffield Skyline, Commission by Museums Sheffield

Meha Hindocha
For this piece on Sheffield I wanted to bring together a number of elements including: Sheffield’s industrial past, the hills and all the green spaces, elements of the regeneration within the city, parts from the different quarters, the stunning architecture, extensive art and many talented artists, musicians, actors and athletes. Where possible I like to get the different parts of my drawings to interact with one another. For example, in the bottom right hand corner you have the rock climber crossing the ‘final hurdle’ to get to the Henderson’s relish bottle. Further along, I have an abstract Jessica Ennis jumping over a Def Leppard guitar and a snooker play (in front of the crucible) interacting with the ‘Rain’ sculptures designed by Colin Rose. These in turn become part of a mural by Phlegm, which is related to space and stars and a creature peering up through his telescope. There are plenty more stories and characters hidden in the piece for the viewer to find and enjoy. The layout of the buildings is roughly set out according to a map view from the Southern side of the city. Please see the annotated version of the drawing that highlights many aspects of the drawing and details my research. sheffield-annotations-finished

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