Artist, traveller, avid doodler


Originally from Kenya, I’m a professional artist living in Manchester, in the UK. I love to create vibrant, intricate pieces inspired by everyday interactions and emotions. My work is available as a collection of gift and homeware items, as prints, or in original form.

I also do one off commissions, particularly of cityscapes, as well as large wall murals which are perfect for brightening up dull office spaces or bringing a unique piece of art into your home.

What’s your artistic background?

I consider myself to be mostly self-trained as an artist. I’ve been drawing and creating for many years, and I’m never without my sketchbook! I attended London Camberwell University of Arts in 2005, which expanded my skill-set.

What are your influences?

I’m lucky to have travelled to many places all over the world, and it’s this experience that I think has enriched my creative style. I was struck by the intricacies of the Far East, and the vibrant, visual culture of South America.

In terms of artists, there are many urban and architectural pieces which excite me. I also love the mathematical work of M.C. Escher, he creates a world of impossibility and forces you to see everything with fresh eyes.

Meha Hindocha Bee in the City

What do people notice first in your work?

I’m often told the colours, detail and quirky elements are the first things people notice in my work. I love that people always seem to feel such unique emotions when looking at artwork. It’s these that fascinate me; the stories people tell, and the journeys they remember when spotting a familiar place.