It was a real pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work on a project with Vocation Brewery. 

The commission consists of 4 cities: Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Manchester and Sheffield. All prints are sold framed. 

Hebden Bridge, an old industrial town infused with creativity, Its picturesque setting, surrounded by nature, inspired the design of Hebden's can. The flowing river and meandering streams are beautifully reflected in the artwork. Iconic buildings such as Heptenstall’s church, Stoodley Pike, and the Picture House all make a feature.

Moving to Halifax, a town steeped in natural beauty, previously renowned for its wool trade and more recently its music scene. The iconic Piece Hall takes centre stage, accompanied by Shibden Hall, Eureka, and filled with my childhood favourite Quality Streets, all adding to the tapestry of the design.

Manchester's evolving skyline, a personal favourite of mine, has undergone huge transformations in recent years that I sought to capture in the can design. Deansgate Square Towers and Beetham Tower stand tall, accompanied by subtle nods to musical legends Oasis, the Stone Roses, the BeeGees, and Elbow.

Then we have Sheffield, England's greenest city, renowned for its steel industry and cutlery. The design portrays the Wheel of Sheffield, adorned with the city's unique traits. From sporting hero Jessica Ennis to Helen Sharman, the first British citizen in space, a nod to musical giants like the Arctic Monkeys and of my favourite graffiti artists, Phlegm. 

A4, A3 & A2 sizes are matt poster prints created with high quality Canon inks. Printed on matt 235 gsm paper. A4 & A3 framed prints come unmounted. A2 framed prints include a mount.

Prints are shipped within 2 working days. 

NEW - Skylines commissioned by Vocation Brewery

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