Sometimes we all just need a pick-me-up and there's nothing quite like a surprise parcel to put a smile on someone's face! Whether someone is having a hard time recently or just needs a virtual hug, show them you've got their back with this Thinking of You bundle.

Each bundle contains one giclee print (sizes vary depending on options - see description information below), two greetings cards and two coasters.

There's three options to choose from, each with limited availability. Enjoy free shipping when buying this bundle.


1 Giclee print, 2 greeting cards, 2 coasters


Option 1:

Giclee Print: A4 with a mount: Watercolour based painting of a bird just taking off. Yellow Ganesh Greeting Card, Prague in Blue painting, Ta Promh tree coaster, Jack of cups coaster (inspired by a 'Chai" whala in India)

Option 2: Masaai warrior A3 giclee print - inspired by a trip to Kenya. Greeting CArds: Orange Simba and yellow Ganesh, Coasters: Variations on a portrait of a bass player with an abstract physics influence... drilling down into details so things lose their shape.

Option 3: A keen blue ostrich print A3 giclee print. Greeting cards - Prague in blue, Orange simba. Coasters: Masaai warrior and a geometric bird water colour painting.

Thinking of you Bundle

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