There doesn't always need to be a reason to show a loved one you appreciate them. This bundle is designed to show your appreciation for someone in your life - be it, a friend, spouse or a colleague. The bundle includes an unframed wall print, two greetings cards and two coasters.

There's three options to choose from, each with limited availability. Enjoy free shipping when buying this bundle.


1 Giclee print, 2 greeting cards, 2 coasters

Option 1:

Giclee Print: A3 Watercolour based painting of a bird just taking off. Orange simba-  spray paint and dimensional paster painting, Gordon greeting card, Prague in Red Coaster, Jack of cups coaster (inspired by a 'Chai" whala in India)

Option 2: Atmosphere A3 giclee print water colours and inks-. Greeting Cards: Gordon Romance, Prague in Blue, Coasters: Microcosm - on the right inspired by science- zooming into cells, ink and salt playful paint daub coaster

Option 3: Watercolour blocks, Gordon summer card, Yellow Ganesha CArd, Ta Promh monastry tree coaster, Red Prague coaster.


There's more information on all of these on Etsy.

Just Because Bundle

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